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May 10 2019

Midtown Micro-Unit Housing Project Nearly Finished
Capitol Public Radio

“A space along the wall will house a wall-bed that’s pulled down for sleeping, and also creates a small couch,” says Sorich. “Kitchens are a little different in the smaller units. Tenants will have two stove burners, a mini refrigerator and a microwave oven, but not a full oven.”


May 5 2019

Midtown’s smallest housing units nearly ready at 19J
Business Journal

As she led a tour of 11-story 19J in midtown Sacramento last week, developer Nikky Mohanna said she thinks many of the concepts in her project are the direction cities will need to go to boost housing stock and embrace urban living.


May 1 2018

Small Wonders

19J’s microunits are a gamble — but will demand for downsized living make the project a winner?