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Attainable and sustainable

19j is an 11-story building in midtown Sacramento for everyone that values attainable, sustainable urban living.

It’s really more than just a building though. It’s also an idea. A dream. A mission. A place that we believe is a milestone representing a paradigm shift for Sacramento and a celebration of urban life in midtown.

We have designed this building to be the kind of place we want to live, and we really believe in what we’ve built.

A place that fits

Form, function, and fit. Every inch of 19j has been designed to serve a purpose, foster community, and encourage mindful ways of living.

Maybe you’re a recent graduate, or a CEO looking to be a part of an engaging community. Maybe you’re looking to live in the heart of Sacramento’s blossoming urban culture, or maybe you want a shorter commute to work. Maybe you’re just looking for a fresh start.

Think of 19j as a canvas to create; ready for people from all walks of life to bring their lifestyle home.